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    Author's menu created by our Chef


    In the restaurant’s menu you will find traditional Polish and regional Silesian cuisine prepared with an original concept of our Chef - Wojciech Krzak. The Chef uses up-to-date and traditional cooking techniques. The dishes are prepared with fresh and natural ingredients which have quality certificate. It might up
    to 30 minutes for your order to be prepared.
    It is worth noticing that all dishes in menu are created from scratch in Styl 70 Restaurant. Here are made sourdoughs and pickles.
    We will be very pleased if you share your views on, for sure it was about Style 70 Restaurant.

    Chopped steak tartare, whole meal crisp, egg yolk
    Regional champignons served with poultry and leek sauce or chive souce
    Pork yelly, pickled vegetables, in request vodka 4 cl
    Goose's stomach, mead, bread
    Romaine lettuce with turkey, toast with smoked sprat, "Bursztyn" cheese
    28,00 zł
    21,00 zł
    18,00 zł + 5,00 zł
    22,00 zł
    25,00 zł
    "Żur" (soup made of sour rye flour), sausage, egg
    Pea cream soup, bacon, potato
    Goose broth, noodle, parsley noodles
    Beetroot soup, small dumpling with mushrooms
    15,00 zł
    13,00 zł
    12,00 zł
    14,00 zł
    Main courses
    Duck fillet, barley fritters, parsley, brussels sprouts, cranberry
    Chicken's leg, potatoes salad
    Polish bull's entrecote, roasted potatoes, champignons, garlic
    Meatloaf from rabbit, pasta with kale, mousse from bett and horseradish
    Silesian beef roulade, white dumplings, red cabbage with bacon
    Pork knuckle, dried plum, fried cabbage, potatoe from fire
    Baltic cod lion, butter sauce, cucumber with vegetables and buckwheat groats
    "Kartacze" with sour cabbage and smoked plum, mushrooms mousse, pumpkin
    Dumplings with meat, greaves with onion
    Potato pancaked, mushroom sauce, smoked cheese, sour cream
    40,00 zł
    24,00 zł
    54,00 zł
    30,00 zł
    38,00 zł
    35,00 zł
    38,00 zł
    23,00 zł
    20,00 zł
    23,00 zł
    Doughnut, plum jam, mulled wine
    Baked chocolate cream, cherries in wine
    Puff with preserves from pear and vanilla cream, whipped cream
    15,00 zł
    16,00 zł
    14,00 zł


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